Platte City man stabs ex-wife, holds knife to son’s neck

A Platte City man has been charged with three felony counts in a domestic assault case involving an unusual weapon — an axe.

Edward E. Williams Jr., 45, has been charged with two counts of domestic assault, with the use of a pocket knife to threaten two victims, as well as unlawful use of a weapon for also brandishing an axe at his victim. A warrant for Williams’ arrest was issued Tuesday, May 29. A $25,000 cash-only bond has been set.

According to court documents, Williams showed up at the home of his ex-wife and three children in late April and said he wanted to stay with her. Over the next few days, he allegedly showed erratic behavior, including calling and texting her “non-stop.” He asked her to drive him somewhere on Tuesday, May 1 and became angry she didn’t immediately do so. Williams started walking down Highway 92 and the victim picked him up from the side of the road.

When Williams got in the car he began punching the victim, then pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed her in the thigh. They arrived back at the house and the victim took the children to school, then left to try to get help from a friend. When she didn’t come home, he began to send threatening texts and messages.

He ordered his 14-year-old son to text his mother as well and when the boy refused he allegedly held the  blade of the pocket knife to his throat. Williams allegedly texted his ex-wife, stating, “If you don’t come home I’m going to kill all the kids in this house.”

When the victim pulled into the driveway, Williams allegedly came out of the house with an axe and got in the car, forcing her to drive. He told the victim he was going to “chop her up into a thousand little pieces … and then throw her in the river.”

The victim was too upset to drive, so Williams took the wheel, hitting her with his fists and threatening to stab her. Later, he threatened to kill a male friend of the victim, then stole her phone and car.

He was apprehended in Clay County, and during an interview with police claimed he didn’t remember physically assaulting or stabbing her. Williams also said he didn’t remember holding a knife to his son’s throat.

According to the report, Williams said “he was doing about an eight-ball of methamphetamine every day and was messed up.”

Online court records show a divorce on Aug. 10, 2017 with Williams being the respondent.

He also had a felony charge of stealing wire and had his probation revoked in 2016 and sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections. It didn’t say when he was released.