Platte City police have suspect in burglary of NW Audio

An apparent lengthy crime spree has complicated an investigation into a business burglary that occurred in Platte City late last month.

According to Lt. Al DeValkenaere of the Platte City Police Department, a white male broke into NW Audio at 2600 NW Prairie View Rd. in Platte City in the early morning hours of Monday, Sept. 26. Surveillance footage shows a GMC Acadia pulling up to the business before the passenger exits the vehicle in long, baggy shorts and a hooded sweatshirt.

After peering in the door, the suspect returned to the car before backing the vehicle up to the entrance, allowing authorities to identify the license plate number on the vehicle. The male then broke the glass door and entered NW Audio for about a minute, collecting about $9,000 worth of high-priced items before exiting, according to DeValkenaere.

Platte City police contacted the owner of the vehicle in Kansas City, Mo., and she stated that she had dropped off the Acadia for repairs after a recent accident on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 25 before going to Platte City for a swim meet. A review of surveillance footage at the shop in Kansas City, Mo. showed two Honda vehicles entering the parking lot.

One of the suspects appeared to break into a lock box for keys before jogging out to the Acadia and stealing the vehicle. The appointment for repair was for the following day, so workers at the shop didn’t realize a vehicle was missing and hadn’t reported it stolen.

According to DeValkenaere, the vehicle was later seen in another robbery that involved scratch-off tickets in Kansas City, Mo. The Acadia was later found in Independence, Mo., and Platte City police are awaiting the results of the Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department’s stolen car investigation before proceeding with potential charges against an identified suspect.

The owners of the Acadia have been cleared of any involvement in the Platte City burglary. No arrests have been made at this time.