Platte City woman accused of assaulting bartender, officers

A Platte City woman was charged with five misdemeanors after she allegedly assaulted a bartender and police officers during a fight Friday, March 31 inside a Platte City business.

According to court documents, Platte City Police Department officers were dispatched to 2701 Running Horse Rd. in regards of a physical disturbance. Dispatch advised that the suspect had punched the bartender and was refusing to leave the location.

Lorelei Belk

Lorelei Belk

When officers arrived on the scene, they located the parties involved at the back of the building, according to court documents. Multiple people were observed in a pile on the ground with the suspect, identified as Lorelei Belk, 38. She allegedly had another individual’s hair in her hand, still be combative on the floor. 

Belk was kicking her feet as one of the officers tried to subdue her, and she allegedly ignored verbal commands and continued to fight while being put into handcuffs. 

Placed in the back of a Platte County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle, Belk remained combative with an officer and a deputy. The suspect kicked one of the officers in the face and attempted to head butt him, according to court documents. Belk allegedly kicked the body camera off his body, which damaged the carrying plate to it and ripped the officer’s shirt. 

Belk continued to ignore verbal commands and the deputy deployed his taser.

After the taser was deployed, the suspect sat up in the seat of the patrol vehicle. Officers instructed her to turn her body so she could be seat belted in. Belk allegedly said, “No,” so the officer assisted her in moving so that she was seated the right way. 

As the officer attempted to close the door, Belk kicked the officer in the lower left side of her face and also kicked the body camera off of that officer and ripped her shirt. 

Belk was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of misdemeanor for resisting arrest.