Platte City woman charged with assaulting police officer

A Platte City woman faces charges after she allegedly attempted to take a weapon from a police officer in a scuffle that occurred in early December.

Bridget Goodman

Bridget Goodman

According to court documents, a Platte City Police Department officer responded on the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 3 to a call of a male and female party arguing outside of a residence on North Street. The responding officer said she saw a woman take off running from the scene and fall down.

The suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Bridget Goodman of Platte City, then allegedly charged toward the officer’s patrol vehicle. According to court documents, the officer believed Goodman to be in distress due to the appearance of blood on her face.

Goodman allegedly opened the driver’s door and grabbed the officer, pulling her from the patrol vehicle. The officer alleges that Goodman demanded her gun while also making threats to kill her.

According to court documents, Goodman attempted to pull the officer’s taser from its holster. The officer then created enough distance to deploy the taser and take the woman into custody.

Goodman stands charged with a felony count of attempting to disarm a peace officer and a misdemeanor for assault.