Platte County competes in national archery finals in Kentucky

Platte County was one of 52 schools from Missouri to compete in the National Archery in the Schools Eastern National Tournament and International Bowhunting Organization 3D Challenge held May 10-12 in Louisville, Ky.

More than 14,000 archers between the grades of fourth and 12th and 896 schools competed in the event. In Missouri, there were a combined 961 archers from the 52 schools.

Compass Elementary, coached by Dana Stephenson, had two of the highest finishes for the school district. The team was 42nd out of 171 teams in bullseyes and 24th out of 67 in the 3D competition.

The team shot 3,037 in the bullseyes, a season-high. Those shooting personal bests were: Samual Sutphin, 270; Kyra Renno, 264; Emma Murphy, 256; Evelyn Reith, 255; Alexis Meinke, 247; RJ Schatz, 239; Bianca Serna, 238; Julia Babcock, 231; Alex Klein, 227; and Stella Kassen, 226.

In the 3D competition, a number of archers posted the individual bests: Brooks Hall, 262; Kyra Renno, 260; Caden Leppin, 242; Julia Babcock, 230; Danika Stephenson, 209; Alexis Meinke, 216; Madeline Patton, 228 and Stella Kassen, 223.

Compass Elementary

Compass Elementary

Porter Campbell ranked 79th out of the 2,014 elementary boys and 62nd out of 1,229 fifth-grade boys in the bullseye portion. In 3D, he was 49th out of 367 fifth graders and 62nd out of 598 boys.

Hall was 15th out of 231 fourth-grade boys in 3D and 67th out of 785 fourth graders in bullseye. Caden Lippen was 48th in fourth-grade boys in 3D.

Renno was 50th out of 396 elementary girls in 3D and 39th out of 303 fifth-grade girls. Babcock was 51st out of 193 fourth-grade girls in 3D.

Platte County Middle School, coached by Kim Morgan, was 90th out of 255 in the bullseyes and 76th out of 108 in the 3D competition. PCMS shot a season-high 3,216 in the bullseye competition.

Platte County Middle School

Platte County Middle School

Six PCMS archers had their personal best scores in bullseye: Jonathan Oliver, 284; Abigail Colstion, 275; Addisen Grell, 273; Katherine Morgan, 272; Kobe Rhodes, 267 and Amelia Kidd, 266. In 3D, Logan Stackhouse, 263; Olivia Holbrook, 262; Kobe Rhodes, 257; Colstion, 257, Morgan, 254; Ian Burnett, 248 and Emmalyn Burnett, 236 all shot season best scores.

Jonathan Oliver was 37th out of 1,029 seventh-grade boys in the bullseye, while a pair of girls ranked in the top 100 in 3D. Wren Wilkins was 74th out of 786 sixth-grade girls in bullseye and Olivia Holbrook was 61st out of 288 sixth-grade girls in 3D.

Barry Middle School was 211th in 3D and 92nd in bullseye. Stacey Platt guided the squad. Personal best in 3D came from Collin Burton, 278; Jake Graves, 251; Toni Debiaso, 237; Cooper Lowsetter, 248; Caleb Kelley, 240 and Alexis Gilpin, 265.

Barry Middle School

Barry Middle School

In bullseye, season-best scores came from Eden Shipp, 257; Collin Burton, 255; Jake Graves, 246; Ella Lowstetter, 237; Toni Debiaso, 228; Caleb Kelley, 222, Alexis Gilpin, 215 and Macie Garland, 180.

At the high school level, the Pirates were 92nd in 3D.

Personal-best tallies came from Autumn Colstion, 279; Kaasten Green, 256; Kayellen Leeper, 244 and Kasydie Shipp, 223. Colstion was 125th out of 2,132 girls overall in 3D and 26th out of 246 ninth graders.

Chase Murphy was 49th out of 268 ninth-grade boys in 3D.

Platte County High School

Platte County High School

“Platte County archers went to Kentucky to do their best and have fun doing it,” Stephenson said. “These kids were calm and smiling. You wouldn’t have known they were shooting  at a National event. 

“We County had archers that shot their very personal best by 30 points.”

Stephenson added the season included a lot of help from volunteers and mentioned the support the archers received from the parents that made the 8-plus hour trek.

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 season will be held in October.