Fries charged with possession of heroin, fake money

After two attempts to talk with Bennie Fries about drugs at his residence at 4615 NW Klamm Road in Kansas City, Mo., the Riverside Police Department got a warrant.

Bennie Fries

Bennie Fries

That lead to an arrest of Fries for possession of heroin and having counterfeit money.

Fries, 55, is facing a felony possession of a controlled substance, a felony maintaining or keeping a public nuisance and a felony forgery charge. He had a $25,000 cash only bond when the case was filed on April 13.

According to court documents, Riverside PD responded to the address on April 10 to return a dog that reportedly belonged to Fries. At the time, an officer saw two glass pipes, a hypodermic needle and a spoon through a window. The next day, the officers returned referencing a drug investigation call where someone said they witnessed Fries shooting heroin.

Neither time Fries answered the door when officers knocked.

Fries was detained at 4:55 p.m. on April 12 and had ¾ gram of heroin and a counterfeit $5 bill in his pocket. Inside, Riverside Crime Scene Investigation seized numerous drug paraphernalia and counterfeit bills.

In an interview, Fries said the heroin he put in his pocket was brought to his house by Collan Cross and said his ‘brain was not working properly’ when he decided to put it in his pocket when officers arrived.

Fries admitted to using heroin earlier that day and the day prior.

When asked about selling heroin, Fries denied it, but admitted it was possible if someone asked for heroin, he might have handed over the drugs. Joseph Debacker told police he gave Fries $40 for ‘two points’ of heroin on April 12. Sean Lewis said he saw Debacker handed Fries at least $20 and then Fries returned from his bedroom with heroin.

Lewis and Debacker were both inside the house at the time of the raid. Neither has been charged yet in connection to this case, though Debacker has a possession of controlled substance charge against him in Clay County that is still active.

A not guilty plea was entered on Fries behalf on April 16 in Platte County. He returns to court on May 15.