Public Safety committee approves purchase of new PD vehicle

Live music will go on for another month at a local bar and grill, while the purchase of a new police vehicle was approved during the Platte City Public Safety Subcommittee meeting on Monday, March 5.

The recommendations that were both approved will now go to the board of aldermen later this month for formal approval.

Tanner’s Bar and Grill applied for a special use permit for ‘Music on the Patio’ each Sunday beginning in April and ending October for small bands between one and three people.

The concerts will run from 3 to 7 p.m. and must not exceed 50 decibels at the property line. Documents shows that the city received several calls about the noise level, but Police Chief Carl Mitchell said the noise was never in violation of the city noise ordinance.

The special event permit is $410 — $50 for the additional month on the permit from the usual six month cost of $360. Applicant is responsible for the cleanup of any trash in the parking lot of their business or adjacent businesses, to occur throughout or at the conclusion of each event.

The other business item addressd was recommending purchasing a 2018 Ford all-wheel drive utility interceptor, which would be outfitted as an unmarked investigative vehicle for $29,086.08. Purchase and installation of lights and sound equipment bringing the total cost to $32,586.08 from Lou Fusz in Chesterfield, Mo., in suburban St. Louis.

The city provides local dealers the opportunity to match or beat the state contract and Thoroughbred Ford in Kansas City has submitted a proposal that is $157 less than the state cost, coming in at $29,086.08.

With the addition of the lights and sound equipment by Midwest Mobile Safety Products, the final cost is $32,586.08, which exceeds the budgeted amount by $586.08, but assets in Fund 510 is sufficient enough to cover the difference.

Investigative and unmarked vehicles are funded on a seven-year replacement schedule and $32,000 was budgeted. The anticipated purchase was 2017 model but that is no longer available for state contract pricing, but the 2018 model is available under the state contract cost at $695 more than the 2017 model.

The vehicle that will be purchased from Thoroughbred will replace a 2010 Ford Explorer.

Mitchell indicated he wouldn’t go more than seven years to replace a vehicle, stating that after four years he has noticed patrol vehicles start to have issues and the cost of repairs start to soar.

The chief noted the idle mileage, not the traveling mileage, is what causes issues with the vehicles.

The vehicle that is going to be replaced will either be sold or will replace a vehicle in another department in the city.

Mitchell’s report also indicated the department is nearing the hiring of two new officers. They have two candidates that are still in the hiring process and background checks are still needed now that the psychological tests are over.

In his monthly police report, numbers indicated there have been three motor vehicle thefts this year, up from one at the same time this year. Mitchell noted two of the vehicles were found in Leavenworth, Kan, near the same location.

According to scanner traffic on Sunday, another vehicle was stolen this past weekend in town.

The overall calls for service numbers after two months stands at 425, down from 560 from a year ago. There are 15 open cases, while seven cases were closed last month.