SPFPD assists drunk driver capture

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office and Southern Platte Fire Protection District worked together to nab a drunk driver, according to court documents.

Platte City resident Paxton T. Clarke, 26, is facing allegations of a felony leaving the scene of an accident, and misdemeanors driving while intoxicated and driving while revoked.

In addition to those charges, Clarke is already facing charges on another driving while intoxicated charge from the sheriff’s office.

Paxton T. Clarke

Paxton T. Clarke

The PCSO responded to a hit-and-run accident at 175500 NW Missouri Highway 45 at 7:34 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

SPFPD located the other vehicle involved at 18205 NW Missouri Highway 45, noting a male party was attempting to enter the water district office.

Court documents state a deputy arrived at the water district office to find a white male who was intoxicated who identified himself as Clarke.

At the location was a gray Chevrolet Silverado with damage to the drivers side front of the vehicle and maroon paint on the fender, matching the color of the car involved in the original incident.

In accident, he crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic.

A check on Clarke showed the driving while revoked and he was arrested on that charge. The truck was registered to Clarke’s father.

Clarke refused a sobriety tests, saying ‘prove I’m drunk.’

He was arraigned on Feb. 9 while in custody and the court entered a plea of not guilty.

Clarke is facing another driving while intoxicated charge dating back to Sept. 16, 2017.

He will appear in court on March 14 on the charge of DWI — prior offender.

In 2013, Clarke pleaded guilty to DWI, drawing a $500 fine.