Summer road projects include New Market, Parkville

Platte County Public Works is preparing for its annual road maintenance projects, with the Parkville, Waldron and New Market areas high on the list for work this year.

At the Platte County Commission administrative session held Monday, March 5, commissioners approved a bid request for the annual road surfacing project, with bids due back Monday, April 2. Director of public works Bob Heim said bid pricing will determine the final extent of the projects. Approximately 9-10 miles of roadway will be treated with a microsurfacing sealant to extend their lifespan and about 6 miles will receive an asphalt overlay.

Roads slated for microsurfacing in 2018 are: Farley Hampton Road from Highway 45 to Highway N; Jones Meyer Road from Highway 45 to just west of Highway N; Baker Road from Moore Road west to the end of the S curve; Cedar Ridge Road from Highway 371 east through the cul-de-sac; Montague from Highway 371 east through the cul-de-sac; Pine View Road from Highway 371 east through the cul-de-sac; Elm Street, Platte Street, Centre Street, Market Street and Mill Street inside the city limits of New Market; Ferguson Road from Highway Z north to Masonic Road; Chianti Court from Little Platte Road north through the cul-de-sac; and East Ridgely Road just east of Highway B to Countyline Road.

Roads up for asphalt overlay are: Northwest 79th Terrace from Highway K west through the cul-de-sac; Valley Road from Northwest 76th Street north through the cul-de-sac; Railroad Avenue and Walnut Street within the village limits of Waldron; Tiffany Park from Highway N east to the county maintenance sign; Forest Lakes Drive from Paradise Lane to the dead end; Paradise Lane from Northwest 76th Street north through the cul-de-sac; Lincoln Lane from Hornback Road through the cul-de-sac; the intersection of Highway EE and New Market Road; Bee Creek Road from Highway 371 west to the top of the first hill; Elm Grove Road from Highway E south to the county maintenance sign; Carter Drive from Highway C east to Teresa Lane; Lake Port from Highway 92 south through the cul-de-sac; Todd Creek Road from Highway 92 south to the county maintenance sign; Baker Road from Highway 45 east to the first curve; and Waldron drive from Highway 45 to River Road.

As part of a long-range facility plan, the county approved the purchase of an air handler for the Platte County Courthouse from Johnson Controls for approximately $127,000. According to director of facilities Daniel Erickson, the air handler currently in service was first installed in the 1970s and the unit is overdue for replacement.

The commissioners also approved annual bids for general administration and facilities, parks and recreation and the public works department. Several bids for annual purchases for the Sheriff’s Office were rejected, with the office instead opting to use cooperative purchasing agreements already in place with the state or Kansas City police.