Teenager charged with rape in Platte County

A 17-year-old with a St. Louis address faces a felony charge of rape in Platte County for an incident that occurred in late October.

According to court documents, Dylon Pollock visited a residence in southern Platte County near Parkville with the intentions of rekindling a relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Instead, he allegedly convinced the girl’s 16-year-old sister to let him inside to use the bathroom.

The unnamed victim said that once inside Pollock inappropriately touched her against her wishes before forcing her to have sex.

According to court documents, Pollock sneaked into the house with the victim’s help on unspecified date in October. He asked to use the restroom, and after doing so in the girls’ bathroom near her bedroom, he allegedly got onto her bed.

Originally, Pollock asked to “cuddle,” according to court documents, but eventually made more serious advances. The victim claimed to tell him, “No,” numerous times as he began to touch her and kiss her.

According to court documents, Pollock removed the victim’s pants and underwear before having sexual intercourse with her. He allegedly got dressed after the act, told the victim, “I’m sorry,” and then jumped out her bedroom window.

Last week, investigators with the Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department interviewed Pollock. He originally denied having physical contact with the victim but later changed his story, according to court documents.

Pollock allegedly admitted to “making out” with the victim in addition to other consensual acts. He described them as “almost” having sex, but he denied the charge of rape.

According to court documents, Pollock admitted to having wanted to rekindle the relationship with the victim’s sister. Witnesses came forward to say Pollock has previously bragged about raping girls, including the victim in this case, in addition to threatening to shoot up their house if they told what happened in October.

Pollock also stated his intentions to buy a plane ticket and go back to Italy where his grandmother lives following the interview. There’s an active warrant for his arrest, but he is not currently listed as in custody in the Kansas City area.