Theresa Wilson impeachment tabled by Ferrelview board

The impeachment hearing levied against former Ferrelview chairwoman Theresa Wilson has been tabled.

The current board of trustees was slated for a hearing on Saturday, May 26, but it was tabled by the board prior to the meeting.

According to current chairman, Phil Gilliam, the village is now letting the court handle the matter of impeachment of Wilson.

A little more than a week before the impeachment hearing was scheduled, Wilson and Gilliam went to court against each other. Wilson and her attorney, Dennis Rowland, filed a temporary restraining order in regards to the impeachment.

Rowland, when reached by email, said Gilliam lacked the authority to proceed in the impeachment action and it was against Gilliam, rather than the board, who voted 3-2 in favor of it during an April meeting.

The TRO was filed on May 7 and the hearing was held on May 18 in Platte County in front of Judge Thomas C. Fincham.

Gilliam appeared with attorney Natig Guseynov and after evidence was heard and arguments by counsel followed, the TRO was denied by Fincham.

Rowland stated due an evidentiary error, the judgement went against his client.

“Should the board re-instigate the process against Ms. Wilson, we will vigorously defend each and every charge,” he said.

That was the only time Gilliam and Wilson have been in the same room in quite some time.

Gilliam noted that Wilson has missed the last five meetings and he has not had any type of communication with Theresa or Russell Wilson since May 5, with the exception of the court date.

The two have been requested to create a Village of Ferrelview email address as recommended but they have not done so, or if they have, they haven’t provided to the city clerk April Baxter to add it to the list of village correspondence.

The board made a motion to remove the Wilsons from the village’s bank account after they failed to comply with a board vote for all board members to go to the bank to add the newly elected officials.

According to an email from Gilliam, Russell Wilson has yet to sign the signature card needed.

In other news

The board decided that May was the last month that 24-hour shutoff notices will be sent out for water bills.

Bids were received for Brightwell Avenue resurfacing and the board voted to move ahead with the project.

All village meetings will now be held at 4 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month.