Theresa Wilson pleads not guilty

Theresa Wilson

Theresa Wilson

Ferrelview board of trustee member Theresa Wilson made an appearance in court on Tuesday, April 3 for her assault charge.

Wilson waived a formal reading and entered a not guilty plea on allegations of her pushing a pregnant woman last November in city hall. The former chairperson denied the accusations to the paper stating there was proof she didn’t do it, but backed out on providing that proof after conferring with her lawyer, Dennis Rowland.

The Kansas City attorney filed a motion to dismiss on March 4 but that hasn’t been ruled on yet.

A warrant was issued for Wilson’s arrest on Feb. 23 and she turned herself in on March 1. She paid the $500 bond — which she said at the time was paid for by her supporters — and left the Platte County Jail after the initial booking.

She is set to reappear in court at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 5, in front of Judge Dennis Eckold.