Traffic ticket linked suspected NYC terrorist to Platte County

Last week, Platte County prosecuting attorney Eric Zahnd released a statement regarding alleged New York terrorist Sayfullo Saipov’s traffic stop in Platte County in 2015.

Multiple news outlets linked the Uzbekistan native to Missouri in reports following an attack that left eight people dead and 11 more injured on Halloween. Saipov allegedly drove a rented pickup truck onto a crowded bike path in Manhattan before crashing.

Saipov survived and remains in custody.



According to Zahnd, Saipov was operating a 2006 Freightliner tractor-trailer northbound on Interstate 29 on Dec. 16, 2015 when he checked into the Missouri State Highway Patrol weight station north of Platte City.  His truck was inspected, and he received a traffic ticket for an equipment violation for the right side brake lining having multiple cracks over one-and-one half inch.

As with other traffic matters, Saipov was directed to pay a fine of $129.50 by mail or notify the Fine Collection Center in Jefferson City, Mo. that he wished to plead not guilty.

Zahnd’s statement indicates Saipov did neither within 30 days, and the ticket was forwarded to his office. On April 5, 2016 the equipment violation ticket was filed in Platte County Circuit Court and a warrant was issued for Saipov with a bond amount of $200.

On Oct. 20, 2016, Saipov was arrested in St. Charles County, Mo. on the Platte County warrant. The same day, he posted the $200 bond and was given a court date in Platte County of Nov. 16, 2016.

Saipov did not appear in Platte County on his court date.

On Nov. 29, 2016, a conviction and judgment was entered against Saipov for the equipment violation ticket. The court ordered his cash bond in the amount of $200 to be applied to a fine of $129.50 and court costs of $70.50.

There was no active warrant for Saipov’s arrest at the time of the terrorist attack.

Investigators discovered that Saipov collected various propaganda materials from ISIS and details on how the attack was planned. They say that he began planning the attack a year ago and rented a Home Depot rental truck last week and decided on Halloween to carry out the attack because there would be more people on the streets. 

After the attack, police officers shot Saipov in the abdomen. He then received treatment at a local hospital where reports indicate he asked for an ISIS flag to be flown in his room.

Saipov was charged Wednesday, Nov. 1 in federal court with one count of providing material support to terrorists and one count of violence and destruction of a motor vehicle causing death.