Truck stolen from Independence located at Argosy Casino

A Liberty, Mo., man caught near Argosy Casino in June with a stolen truck is facing criminal charges in Platte County.

Stephen Flynn, 28, has been charged with one count of tampering, with a $7,500 bond set for when he is captured. Flynn is also facing criminal charges in Benton County, Mo., for delivery of a controlled substance.

Stephen Flynn

Stephen Flynn

According to court documents, Riverside police responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through the casino lot on Saturday, June 16. The black Ford F-350 bearing dealer plates was stopped in the lot and both the driver and passenger arrested for outstanding warrants. The truck was identified as stolen from Independence, reported missing along with several thousand dollars worth of tools earlier in the week. Police found methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia in the cab of the truck as well.

The female passenger later told police she did not know the vehicle was stolen and denied knowledge of the drugs found in the truck. She said after he picked her up, Flynn began to act erratic, walking in circles and talking to himself, according to the report. She believed he was high at the time.