Water rates changed in Edgerton

Residents of the city of Edgerton recently received notice to a change of their water bill.

The city sent out the new information with the city’s June water/sewer bill which will take effect next month.

The city will no longer send out a separate water and sewer bill but just a simple water bill which will roll the sewer portion into a single item.

Previously residents paid $20.50 per month minimum which included the first 1,000 gallons plus $6.50 for each additional 1,000 gallons. Then there was a sewer line item which was a three-month average with rates between $40-$60 for the average users. The new rate is $56 per month with $15 per 1,000 after the first, meaning for residents of the city not a big change is expected.

However those who utilize the city’s water that live outside of the city limits will see an increase as their rate is changed to $40 per month with $15 per 1,000 gallons after the first. Non-city residents can not hook to the city’s sewer system so the rate is designed to be lower to take that into account, city clerk Amy Bledsoe said.

The Edgerton Board of Aldermen will review the rates bi-monthly for the next year before setting rates for the next year.