Woman charged with DWI for hitting Parkville house

Debra Baggott

Debra Baggott

A Parkville, Mo. resident was charged with property damage and driving while intoxicated after crashing into a home just after 1 a.m. on Thursday, March 31 in Parkville, Mo. 

Deputies responded to a call that morning on Northwest Hidden Valley Drive after a vehicle had crashed into a house. Officers observed and identified the intoxicated driver as 62-year-old Debra Baggott.

Upon being questioned on how the car ended up colliding with the home, Baggott stated that she had swerved to avoid a deer. According to court documents, officers noticed that Baggott’s speech was slurred and seemed confused and needed help to maintain balance as she was being walked to a nearby patrol car. 

Officers could not smell any odor of alcohol and questioned Baggott if she was on any medications. She told deputies that she was on morphine for pain and had last taken it early the previous day, and that the morphine usually stays in effect for 12 hours. 

As stated in court documents, a neighbor who was just getting home from work told police he observed Baggott driving the vehicle down the middle of the road very slowly before she stopped at a stop sign and stayed “for a while.” The neighbor then stated that Baggott drove slowly over the mailbox and down the driveway before going through the garage doors of the house.

Both garage doors were damaged along with a brick stability column and the garage door motors, according to court documents. Damage to the foundation of the residence may have also occurred.

A computer check of Baggott’s record revealed a valid driving status with one warrant from Overland Park, Ks. Baggott consented to a blood sample test and was transported to the Platte County Detention Center where she was placed on a 24 hour investigative hold for driving under the influence.

Baggott was eventually charged this month with felony property damage and misdemeanor driving while intoxicated for being under the influence of hydrocodone.