Dearborn Aldermen OK open carry

Vote is 3-1 to repeal ordinance prohibiting open carry of firearms.

Open carry of firearms is now legal in Dearborn, after a 3-1 vote of the Board of Aldermen this week. With Alderman Bill Edwards casting the opposing vote, the Board repealed an existing ordinance prohibiting open carry. The ordinance came under question at last month’s meeting, when Mayor Jamie Morey brought up a recent incident where a resident was stopped by a deputy from the Platte County Sheriff’s Department after leaving a restaurant wearing a firearm. As Morey noted, according to state law, firearms may be carried in the open in public areas if they are visible from three sides. While many municipalities do prohibit open carry, it’s a decision the Board is legally able to make, and essentially brings City code in line with state statute. Only audience member Emma Edwards spoke out against the measure, as she did in October, suggesting the Board was asking for trouble by pointing out to everyone that they can openly wear weapons on the streets. The ordinance that was repealed, under section 210.250 of municipal code, stated: “A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons if he/she knowingly openly carries a firearm or any other weapon readily capable of lethal force.”