Drugs suspected in suspicious package delivered to PC business

A local business owner expressed shock and anger after a bomb threat ended with the discovery of possible illegal drugs in a package shipped to him. Pride Fox, owner of Goin’ Postal in Platte City, called the Platte City Police Department on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 11 concerning a suspicious 9-inch-by-7-inch box containing a 10-inch-by-one-inch object wrapped in electrical tape and bubble wrap. His shipping business at 1302 Platte Falls Rd. and adjoining units in the strip mall for Cost Cutters and World Liquors were evacuated while the Kansas City Bomb Squad, NRAD EMS personnel and the Central Platte Fire Department responded to the scene.

After securing the scene, the bomb squad determined there was no explosives in the package but did find what was believed to be crystal methamphetamine.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service continues to investigate the case and declined to provide additional details when reached by email Monday afternoon. No determination on the package’s contents is being released at this time.

Fox didn’t want to answer specific questions about the incident but expressed his anger with the whole situation and said he did not know why the package was addressed to him. Sender information was not available.

When asked how he felt about dealing with the situation, Fox responded simply, “Use your imagination.”