Drug bust at Harley-Davidson plant leads to charges against employee

A Harley-Davidson employee said he started doing cocaine to help stay awake at work, according to court documents.

Kansas City resident Raphael Golden, 26, is facing a possession of controlled substance charge following an arrest on a street near his employer in May. Charges were filed last month in Platte County.

The plant, which will soon close, requested extra patrol due to drug use on break time. Officers were patrolling 112th Street and N. Congress Avenue on May 17 when they noticed a 2014 black Dodge Avenger parked with the windows down. The court document says the smell of marijuana was present.

Golden was the passenger and during a search of the vehicle a small bag with a white powdery residue was found in the front passenger floorboard.

A search of his person found another small bag with white powdery substance from his right pocket.

The white substance was tested and found to be cocaine.

Golden was arrested on an outstanding warrant prior to officers finding the cocaine on him.

During an interview, he said he joined two other co-workers on break to smoke marijuana. He stated he purchased the cocaine from a co-worked named ‘Rue’ for $20, according to court documents.

Golden said he started using cocaine six months ago to help stay awake at work.

The warrant for his arrest is still pending, with a $5,000 cash or surety bond.