Home health care nurse accused of stealing more than $20,000

A home health care nurse is accused of spending more than $20,000 after stealing her patient’s credit cards, according to court documents.

A warrant was issued against Kamisha N. Cline, 21, of Liberty, for felony stealing by the Platte City Police Department.

Cline is alleged to have used the victim’s Wells Bank card and USAA credit card and used them in serveral locations in Platte City. She made four ATM withdraws at the UMB Bank ATM inside the Platte City QuikTrip; four ATM withdraws from the Bank Of Weston ATM inside Price Chopper in Platte City; used the debit card to make an online payment to Amica; used the debit card to make several purchases at Game Stop at 8602 N. Boardwalk Avenue in Kansas City; used both the debit and credit card at the Boardwalk Walmart and Liberty Walmart as well as making purchases at the Platte City and Liberty Price Chopper.

The total amount of loss on the Wells Bank account was $19,507.33 and the total loss on the USAA credit card was $522.91.

Investigation showed that Cline took the debit card and credit card out of the victim’s purse. She wasn’t given permission to use the cards. Receipts and video footage showed Cline as the person using the cards at both Walmarts, both Price Choppers, Game Stop as well as QuikTrip.

Cline was contacted by officers twice to talk about the case bu on the second call advised she had retained an attorney and wouldn’t be speaking.