Strong-arm robbery at Park leads to charges

A 21-year-old Liberty man is in custody on $25,000 cash-only bond accused of a strong-arm robbery at Park University.

Corbin Munsell

Corbin Munsell

Corbin Munsell was most recently arrested for the robbery, which occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 20. Since, a bevy of charges have been filed, including trafficking in stolen identities, probation violations and possession of a controlled substance.

According to court documents, Parkville police responded to Park University due to the theft of a cell phone. The victim told officers he had met a man, later identified as Munsell, on Facebook Marketplace and the two spoke about the sale of an iPhone. The victim agreed to sell Munsell the phone on campus. When they met on Feb. 20, Munsell looked the phone over, then pushed the victim and ran back to his truck with the phone. Munsell allegedly fled the scene with the phone in a dark green pickup truck.

The following day, police again met with the victim, who elaborated that he had placed an ad on Facebook Marketplace to sell his phone for $1,120. He met Munsell through the marketplace and agreed to meet with him. When Munsell arrived, he was the passenger in the truck and the driver stayed in the truck. After a few minutes of discussions while Munsell examined the phone, the female driver yelled to Munsell that she needed to use the bathroom and started to drive off. When the truck moved, Munsell shoved the victim and ran to the truck, jumping in the passenger seat before the pair drove off. The victim gave chase and reached the truck, but the door was locked and he was struck by the vehicle, later complaining of knee pain and swelling.

The victim was able to identify Munsell —who has a criminal record dating back to 2015 — through a photo line-up.