Wentworth charged with assault at USPS facility

A man accused of assaulting a woman at the United States Postal Service facility at KCI Airport is scheduled back in court early next month.

Michael Wentworth, 55, is charged with assault and unlawful use of a weapon in the incident that occurred in January at the post office facility off Paris Street. Wentworth posted $5,000 bond will appear before judge Quint Shafer in Platte County Circuit Court on Tuesday, May 7.

According to court documents, KCI Airport Police responded to the post office Friday, March 15 and met with the victim, who claimed she was assaulted in the women’s restroom and locker room area on Friday, Jan. 25. The victim told police she entered the locker room area and noticed all the lights were off. She allegedly spotted Wentworth hiding against a wall just before he jumped out at her with a switchblade knife in his hand.

Wentworth charged her with the knife and stopped at her scream. The victim said she was afraid he would stab or rape her, but Wentworth retracted the knife blade and started to back away. She said he then took out his phone and started to walk around her taking photos.

When a witness ran into the locker room, Wentworth fled. The witness said she didn’t see the knife, but did see an item in Wentworth’s hand. She had been wearing headphones in the locker room but came at the sound of the scream and said she could hear the victim yelling in a frightened voice. When she stopped to check on the victim, she said Wentworth fled the room.

The witness told police the victim was terrified and would not stop shaking and crying. The victim said she took a month long leave of absence after the incident. She filed for an order of protection on March 20 and on March 28 Wentworth was taken into custody by KCI Airport Police.

Wentworth denied any knowledge of the incident, according to court documents. He said the assault charge was a “conspiracy of hate” and said everyone was lying.