Two injured in Weston shooting

A dispute between a father and son escalated into a fight for a gun that led to both being shot on Monday, July 29 in Weston.

Michael Hull

Michael Hull

Later that day, Michael Hull, who turns 30 on July 31, was charged with second-degree felony assault by the prosecutor’s office.

Hull is charged with shooting his father, Tracey Hull, during an argument at 705 Cherry Street.

The same bullet that went through his father’s side also took off part of Michael Hull’s finger, according to court documents.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office on Monday said it was a single bullet from a .357 Magnum revolver that injured both parties.

Tracey Hull was transported to North Kansas City Hospital, where he was contacted by officials from the sheriff’s office — which took over the investigation from the Weston Police Department — about the shooting.

Weston Police Chief Terry Blanton was the first on scene after Tracey Hull called 911.

Documents show the father had issues with the son’s use of methamphetamine and refusal to show up for his job working for his father in rehabbing houses in Kansas City.

Tracey Hull went to the house on Cherry Street to confront his son and an argument followed before Michael Hull pulled a gun on his father. Tracey Hull told deputies he rushed for the gun and grabbed it. They wrestled before it went off into his side.

Michael Hull went to St. Luke’s Hospital at 4401 Wornall Road in Kansas City and was later transported to the Platte County Sheriff’s Office for questioning. Later, he was arrested at 12:47 p.m. for his part in the domestic dispute.

The son said his dad woke him up by pounding on the door of his friend’s house about 7 a.m. and starting arguing.

He told deputies he was tired of working hours on end, getting left on the job site without transportation and going months without a check from his father.

The lack of payments were raised by Michael Hull and he told detectives his father approached him, so he grabbed a revolver that was lying on the table to protect himself from the aggressive ‘efforts’ and ‘verbiage.’

The fight in the living room ended up against a wall and after the gun went off, Michael Hull tossed the gun aside. He noticed blood on his father’s face and neck and noticed his shirt was ripped. Tracey Hull walked out of the house and sat in his vehicle.

Then, Michael Hull noticed his left ring finger was only hanging on by a piece of skin, according to documents.

He had friends transport him to St. Luke’s.

Documents provided show a lengthy criminal record for Michael Hull: driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and theft of a motor vehicle.

Michael Hull is in the Platte County Detention Center as of press time, being held on a $35,000 cash only bond. If released he is to have no contact with the victim or possession any firearms.